Daniel D. Ambrose

I became a criminal lawyer because I hate injustice. Many lawyers get into criminal defense to make more money and their hearts just aren’t into it. Not me. I don’t go to trial just to “protect my client’s rights”, I go to save their lives. I go to win. In 1996 I attended my first trial practice college at the National Criminal Defense College. In 2001  I attended the Western Trial Advocacy Institute and in 2003 I was selected, along with 49 other lawyers from around the country, to attend Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyer’s College.  This experience gave me the ability to connect with clients, witnesses and most importantly juries. I continue to spend 2-3 weeks a year traveling and training with great trial lawyers from around the country. I have tried over 115 jury trials for the defense. I have the experience, training and judgement to help you.

There is no greater responsibility to me than to have a person’s potential life and happiness in my hands

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One response to “Daniel D. Ambrose

  1. tony robbins

    hi daniel,web site looks great.my name came up recently in a circle that i dont care for.i have had a medical marijauna card for a few months some of my consulting info has got around and some other info . a warren cop named steve campbell is supposedly a caregiver (growing marijuana for medical patients).he told a close friend of mine that my name sounded familiar,then told him i was a c.i. for madison heights police.i dont know who is going to see this so i’m not going in to details of everything but you get the scoup.i want to know if there is a phone or cell tap on me.A.S.A.P

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