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Prisoners’ Rights

Most people aren’t very concerned with prisoners’ rights.  If someone’s in jail they must have done something wrong  and don’t deserve to be comfortable. However, many people don’t realize  innocent people are sitting in jail  waiting for their trials because they cannot afford to post bond to get out. And these people are presumed innocent until proved guilty.  Even if you are found guilty, as a prisoner you are allowed certain rights and the prisons and jails are obligated to follow these and your constitutional rights.

Some rights include:

  • ·The right to be protected by authorities in the case of assault or rape
  • ·The right to medical treatment
  • ·The right to freedom of expression, reading materials, and communication
  • ·The right to express concern with the prison’s standard of living
  • ·The right to a court of law with regards to prison authorities
  • ·The right to freedom of religion
  • ·The right to access to a court of law
  • ·The right to drink safe water
  • ·The right to food and clothing
  • ·The right to equal and fair treatment.

How do you feel about prisoner’s rights? Do you think anything should be added or removed from this list?


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