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How To Resolve Landlord/Tenant Issues And Neighborhood Disputes

All You Need To Know About Mediation

Mediation is a process in which two or more people involved in a dispute meet in a private, confidential setting and, with the help of a trained neutral person, work out a solution to their problem. Mediation is fast, either free or low cost, and effective in resolving many disputes including landlord/tenant, consumer/merchant, and neighborhood disputes.  In most cases, a mediation meeting can be set up within 10 days, and 90 percent of all cases in which both parties to a dispute agree to use a mediation service result in agreements acceptable to all sides. If you can work out your dispute in mediation, you may not need to go to court.

(1) Any person or organization may initiate mediation. 

(2) A trained professional will talk with you to determine if your situation is appropriate for mediation. If it is, you will be asked for basic information about yourself and the other person(s) involved.

(3) With your permission, the mediation center will contact the other person(s) involved to encourage them to participate in a mediation session.

(4) If both parties agree, the mediation center will schedule a mediation session at a time and place convenient for all.

(5) At the mediation session, trained mediators will listen to all sides of the dispute. Each party will get a chance to explain, uninterrupted, their point of view. The mediator will encourage communication from all sides to uncover facts, identify issues, and explore possible solutions.

(6) When the parties reach a solution, their agreement will be put in writing by the mediator. It is then a legally enforceable document.

Cotnact Samantha Moffett at (248) 624 5500 or to find out what your options are in resolving a landlord/tenant, consumer/merchant, or neighborhood dispute; or, to find out of a local mediation center is available in your area.


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