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Do I Need Car Rental Insurance??

Last week, Samantha and I ventured to Laramie, Wyoming for the Western Trial Advocacy Institute. When our flight landed in Denver we were ushered to the rental car area, where a very pushy sales person commanded us to buy their car rental insurance for about $30 per day. Our car rental was only a few dollars more than that per day! The man at the rental desk warned us that we would be responsible for all damage to their car, and that hailstorms were frequent in Wyoming. Samantha and I opted not to get the insurance, and as Murphy’s law goes, there were two hail storms. Luckily, our car was not damaged. But, it got me thinking…do I really need to get the rental insurance?

If you already have car insurance, probably not. Generally your personal auto insurance plan will extend to a rental car. The deductibles will still be the same, but damage to the car is likely covered. Check your policy to make sure. Because Michigan is a no-fault state, everyone must carry their own insurance. The benefit to this is that one no-fault insurance policy will cover everyone in the household. Check your personal insurance policy to make sure your family is protected.

Your homeowner’s policy may offer coverage. At least for theft of articles inside a car. Check your policy to see if it gives you any protection.

Some credit cards offer rental car protection. Check with your credit card company. Many credit cards, if they are used to purchase the rental, will have liability coverage, or at least pay your deductible if the car is damaged.

If you are covered by any of these benefits you may not need to get the insurance at the counter. Before you leave for your trip, check to make sure you know what your insurance will cover. Going into the rental car area armed with knowledge will keep you from duplicating coverage and spending unnecessary money. Remember, rental car companies are in business to make money. Using high pressure and scare tactics won’t work on you if you are informed about your coverage.

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