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Joe Younger Conclusion

For those who followed our  work on the Joe Younger trial we have some more good news to report!

Joe plead no-contest to all charges and was put on the juvenile consent calendar.  As long as he succcessfully completes his probation he will walk away with a clean record.



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The Joshua Stough Case

In 2006 Dan Ambrose represented Joshua Stough in a heart wrenching Criminal Sexual Assault Case in Traverse City, Mi.

Joshua Stough Victory

Here is an excerpt from Josh’s story.  Click her to visit his website

“On or around February 13, 2006 at 5:30 p.m. I (Joshua Stough) received a phone call from a man saying he was a Michigan State Police Officer.  He identified himself as Trooper Arcienega. The way that the man spoke to me he did not sound like a police officer at all, in fact he sounded specifically like he was about fifteen years old. I was told by him that it was reported that I was involved in a hit and run and I needed to come down to the police post. I knew for a fact that I had not been in an accident and that no one would have reported it. (I had a VERY unique truck at the time.) At this point I told him that I did not believe that he was a police officer and that I was not going to talk to

him until he told me the truth. When I said this the Trooper became very upset with me. We ended up exchanging some words that were not very appropriate for me to say, and especially not for a  police officer to say.

After this exchange he informed me that he wanted to talk to me about when I lived with Karen Hoogerhyde. The moment he said Karen, I had an idea of what this was about. (When I rented a room from Karen, her daughter (Christina) also lived at the house, the reason why I had moved out was that I had found written in Christina’s diary an entry that said “I had sex with Josh.” When I found the diary I immediately took it to Karen. Christina was questioned by her mother about it and by counselors about it. A few days later I moved.) At this point the conversation was over. The Officer said that he would call me in a day or two to set up a meeting; we hung up at this point. After I got off the phone with the Trooper I drove to the police post to see if in fact he was a real officer.

When I arrived at the post it was closed, I saw two officers outside in the back talking. I asked them if Trooper Arcienega was inside. They said “no”. The moment they said no, a short Mexican looking officer came running out of the post. This was Arcienega. He asked who I was. I replied and told him my name. He started yelling at me and said “you better get to stepping before I beat your ass”.

I tried apologizing to him and he continued to threaten me and telling me to leave. Two days later I met with Arcienega at the police post in Traverse City , Mi. This was for my “voluntary interview”.

Together the officer and I went into a room and after a few questions about me, he proceeded to tell me that Christina Hoogerhyde had told him that I had molested her. Over the next hour he interrogated me and tried time after time to get me to confess to the crime in which I was accused. He kept telling me that I was nothing but a liar. He would not listen to anything I had to say. He became VERY angry with me and left to let me think about clearing my mind. About a half hour later a different officer came in. I do not remember his name just that he tried to play like he was my friend.

At this point I was very sick of dealing with these people and informed them that I had nothing more to say. The officer said “that is ok we’re done anyways”. At this point we set up a polygraph examination for February 22nd I believe. When I walked out to the lobby Trooper Arcienega told me that if I go anywhere near Christina that he has “3,000 people on his squad and that they would hunt me down”. I told him not to worry I wouldn’t.”

Josh was acquitted on all 7 counts of CSC.  However, the charges still impact his life today. Visit his website to learn his full story.

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