Michigan ranked 2nd In country in Juvenile No-Parole Sentences

A news organization says Michigan ranks second in the nation in the number of prisoners sentenced as juveniles to life in prison without possibility of parole.

Michigan law makes a sentence of life without parole mandatory for first-degree murder.

MLive.com and its affiliated Booth Newspapers report today that 358 Michigan prisoners were juveniles when they were sentenced to life without parole. That’s second only to Pennsylvania, which has 472 prisoners who got life-no parole sentences as juveniles.

Nationwide, the news group says about 2,500 people are serving life without parole sentences they received as juveniles.

Michigan has about 10 million residents, or about 3% of the nation’s 300 million people. But Michigan has about 14% of the nation’s prisoners with no-parole sentences received as juveniles.

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