9-year-old Caught Driving Intoxicated Dad To Store

From freep.com

A Brownstown Township father is accused of having his 9-year-old daughter drive him to the store after he had apparently been drinking.

Shawn Weimer, 39, was arrested after officers pulled over the pair on King Road near Dean in Brownstown Township at 2:46 a.m. Oct. 8, according to Brownstown Township Police.

His daughter was sitting behind the wheel in a child’s booster seat when an officer opened the driver’s side door of the full-sized panel van that Weimer uses for work, Detective Lt. Robert Grant said today.

Another driver called police after spotting the pair stopped at a gas station at Telegraph and West. The caller watched the little girl get in the driver’s seat and pull the vehicle out onto West Road. The caller then followed the van until police could catch up, Grant said.

“She’s like 7 years old, driving,” the caller told the 911 dispatcher, estimating the age of the 9-year-old girl, and chuckling on the tape released today by Brownstown Township Police. “Oops, she’s got her turn signal on and she’s turning right on Beech Daly.”

“Are you sure the child’s driving, sir?” the dispatcher asked.

“Yes,” he replied. “The guy at the gas station couldn’t believe it, either.”

The dispatcher asked the man to put on his four-way flashers as he was following the child driving on West, approaching King Road.

“She’s driving pretty good, I’m telling ya. I can’t believe it,” the man told the dispatcher.

Read the rest of the story and listen to the 911 call here

If you have been charged with drunk driving call Dan Ambrose at 248-624-5500



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