Three Teens Receive Life In Prison – Do You Agree?

A teen, convicted of murdering her adoptive father, and her accomplices have been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Tia Skinner, 18, James Preston, 19, and Jonathan Kurtz, 19, have been sentenced to life in prison wouthout any chance of parole in the stabbing death of Paul Skinner.

The courtroom proceedings started around 9:15 a.m. The courtroom was full of people and was standing room only.

The suspects are all dressed in their orange jail clothes. They are all sitting in front of their attorneys without showing any emotion so far.

Kurtz addressed the court and turned to those in the courtroom and said in barely audible voice, “I’m sorry for doing what we did”. He then went on to shock everyone in the courtroom when he said to Judge Daniel Kelly “On behalf of everyone you put away for life, (expletive) you”.

James Preston stood before the judge and said “Convicting me is an injustice, the prosecution has failed to do that in my case.”

Paul Skinner was murdered while his wife, Mara, survived with serious injuries. Tia Skinner is the couple’s adopted daughter.

Police say Tia was upset over her parents’ disapproval of her relationship with co-defendant Jonathan Kurtz.

Tia Skinner just apologized to the community and her family.

“I love my family so very much … and realize I was given the best life I could have had,” said Tia Skinner.

Mara Skinner is in the courtroom and is seated in the front row. She is seated next to her other children. Prosecutors say she will be one of several people making victim impact statements prior to sentencing.

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