Subsidized Housing In Michigan And Medical Marijuana

Kathy Heller has degenerative discs in her back and has been controlling the pain with medical marijuana. She applied for and received a medical marijuana program card from the state of Michigan.  She lives in subsidized housing, utilizing a Section 8 rent supplement through the Wyoming Housing Commission which governs her area. She showed them her medical marijuana card and they made a copy.

A year later, they sent her a letter terminating her rent subsidy for her apartment.  “We’re federally funded,” said Rebeca Geerling of the Wyoming Housing Commission, “and federal rules (and) regulations pretty much supercede or govern what our agency does.”  The Commission failed to recognize that the federal government does give local agencies leeway to allow medical marijuana users to keep their subsidies.

Without her nearly $600-per-month subsidy, Heller says that her apartment would use up her whole disability check.  She said the Wyoming Housing Commission told her they’d let her keep her rent subsidy if she did not renew her medical marijuana card.  She hopes to hear the results of her appeal by mid-September.  Read the full story here.

If you have been charged with a crime related to medical marijuana contact Daniel Ambrose 248-808-3130 or  at


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