Drunk Driving Scandal In West Bloomfield

According to Detroit’s Channel 4 News a drunk driving scandal has surfaced involving West Bloomfield Township supervisor Michele Economou Ureste and her husband.

The supervisor’s husband was pulled over in mid-August for a suspected DUI.  He failed a breath test but was not ticketed or arrested.  Instead the officer on scene put the couple in his police car and drove them home.  He has claimed he was worried about how an arrest may have a negative impact on an upcoming millage in the town.

Other township leaders are upset by what they call an abuse of power used by the Supervisor.

Ironically the officer who pulled over Ureste’s husband is the same officer who arrested Jalen Rose, a local celebrity who received 20 days in jail for his DUI.

It is important for everyone who drinks and drives to be held responsible for their actions regardless of who they are.  Instances like this may tarnish the police’s authority and support backlash against strict drunk driving laws in the state and Oakland County.

To read channel 4’s coverage of this story click here

Read the Detroit Free Press coverage here

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