Samanatha Quoted In Daily Tribune 8/25/2011

Medical Marijuana Business Consultant Samantha Moffett of the Walled Lake-based Ambrose Law Group said she was disappointed with the ruling.

“It is not just business-minded patients and caregivers who believe dispensaries are a legal business structure in Michigan — multiple municipalities across the state have passed ordinances allowing and structuring such businesses,” she said.

“Cities and townships have been able to fill commercial spaces dormant for years, generate jobs, collect licensing fees to fund the municipality, and most importantly, provide safe access to medicine for patients. The appellate court has taken these things from the people of Michigan today.

“As of right now, all dispensaries in the state are considered a nuisance and must be shut down unless they want to be pulled into court. It will be interesting to see how municipalities who have collected licensing fees from these businesses react.”

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