Today, Wayne County judge to haul no-show jurors into court


Many are called in Wayne County. But few are showing up.

So, starting this morning, potential jurors who fail to show up at the courthouse will be hauled before Wayne County Circuit Presiding Judge Timothy Kenny to explain why they did not appear for jury service.

“On an average day, 23% of the jurors do not appear for their service,” Kenny said. “Our jury system cannot work if the people don’t come down to be jurors.”

Today and Thursday, about 250 no-show jurors will appear before Kenny to explain why they ignored their summons, which can be considered contempt of court. Kenny can impose fines or even jail terms as punishments.

“I’m not planning anything draconian, but we want to get the message across,” he said. “The goal is to get people to serve. Defendants and victims won’t get their day in court if citizens won’t serve.”

And ignoring the summons to the show-cause hearing can bring even stiffer penalties, Kenny said, though he did not provide details.

Read the full story here 

What do you think about jury duty?


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