Former Detroit Piston Charged in Marijuana Grow Operation

Former Detroit Pistons first-round draft pick Rodney White said he wanted to build a dirt-bike track for underprivileged children, neighbors recalled. They never questioned the construction equipment that stayed on the site for two years, nor the growing mounds of orange clay. But in hindsight, neighbors said Wednesday, no one ever saw any kids on dirt bikes. Dug into the ground was an elaborate marijuana-growing operation under a makeshift shed, authorities said Wednesday.

White, who led the UNC Charlotte basketball team to the 2001 NCAA tournament, was arrested Tuesday at his home in Iredell County and charged with managing the two-county operation. Authorities said they removed 62 marijuana plants, including some that were four feet tall.

White and Nicole Denise Jackson of Mooresville were charged with felony manufacture of marijuana; felony possession of marijuana; maintaining a dwelling for marijuana; and possession of drug paraphernalia. White also was charged with conspiracy to manufacture marijuana, Redmond said. White couldn’t be reached for comment Wednesday. White was being jailed under $5,000 bond Wednesday, and Jackson also was being held under $5,000 bond, but additional charges are possible in Alexander County, authorities say. Read the full story here.

If you have been charged with a crime related to medical marijuana contact Daniel Ambrose 248-808-3130 or  at


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