Judge Small Challenged on Drunk-Driving Sentences

48th District Court Judge Kimberly Small is know for her harsh DUI sentences. As DUI attorneys we know convincing her to sentence drunk-driver’s to no jail time is a challenge.

Some find her sentencing unjust and  a Bloomfield Hills attorney  and Wayne State University Law Professor are filing a motion that argues her DUI sentences are unconstitutional. The attorney’s argue that due to her deep bias against drunk driving she should excuse herself from hearing DUI cases.

Judge Small has declined to comment on the pending case.

Read the full story here

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One response to “Judge Small Challenged on Drunk-Driving Sentences

  1. houdini

    I think Jalen Rose should be “intoxitated” to the same level he was arrested at. Then he and Judge small should be put on a race track to determine who is the better driver in this circumstance. The loser should be jailed for one year. Since I am 100% certain Jalen Rose would come out on top I am serious about this. How can someone so narrow minded become a judge????? Scary society we live in.

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