Schuette Calls Medical Marijuana Law Holier than Swiss Cheese

Michigan’s medical marijuana law has been abused, exploited and hijacked by pot profiteers, said state Attorney General Bill Schuette in pushing a package of bills that will close loopholes in the law that was intended to provide pot to people with terminal, debilitating and chronic diseases.

“The law has been hijacked by drug dealers who want to make money, line their pockets and make a huge profit,” Schuette said at a news conference this morning where he was flanked by lawmakers, police, prosecutors and doctors. “This law has as many holes as Swiss cheese. It’s out of control and we need to fix it.”

With those strong words Schuette has reaffirmed his position against medical marijuana in Michigan.

As someone who’s father suffers from Multiple Sclerosis I’ve seen the toll prescription medicine can take on someone’s body, and while my father has not chosen to use medicinal marijuana I’m glad it is an option. I find it hard to believe our state leaders are still trying to take away the right we voted for.  I have yet to see the use and distribution of medical marijuana hurt anyone, and in today’s economic climate I feel like our lawmakers and leaders have bigger issues to worry about. While the legislation may need to be updated I hope the Attorney General does not lose sight of what the voters wanted.

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2 responses to “Schuette Calls Medical Marijuana Law Holier than Swiss Cheese

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  2. disgusted citizen

    Bill Schutte has used his office as a public crusade against legislation passed by the people of Michigan. He needs to focus on the issues he was elected to examine. It is a waste of taxpayer money and an abuse of his office. As for the issue of him submitting a huge pack of legislation, that is the job of the legislature to introduce bills, but as he doesn’t seem to want to do the job he was elected for he needs to go! As for “profiteers”, it is legitimate business and commerce that has led to other businesses and industries directly related to this new law. I thought Republicans are supposed to be all about profit, unless of course it means any for the middle class and poor. The state is BROKE and this is all this fool can rant about? As long as these so called “profiteers” are obeying the current law approved by the voters and paying taxes on whatever profits they make, at least they are working, a lot of people here aren’t.

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