Judge Dismisses Marijuana Lawsuit Against Livonia But Citizens Ready To Fight The Long Battle

Last week a Wayne County Circuit judge ruled in favor of the city of Livonia and its ban of medical marijuana facilities.  Circuit Judge Wendy Baxter granted the city’s motion for summary disposition Friday.  The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan, which filed the suit in December on behalf of Linda and Robert Lott of Birmingham, plans an appeal.  The ACLU sued the cities of Livonia, Bloomfield Hills and Birmingham regarding the authority of communities to prohibit medical marijuana use or sales on the grounds that marijuana possession violates federal law. The Lotts own a portion of a property in Livonia where they said they wanted to grow medical marijuana, according to the ACLU.

Dan Korobkin, staff attorney with the ACLU of Michigan, said the ACLU would file within the next few weeks. He believes the judge didn’t make the “correct legal judgment,” he said. “It’s disappointing to have to file the appeal. These cases are being watched by the thousands of patients who would be affected by local ordinances like Livonia’s.”  That ordinance undermines the will of Michigan voters who support compassionate care for patients suffering from pain, Korobkin said.  “Linda Lott and other patients should not be forced to make an untenable choice between health care and freedom,” he said.

Linda Lott is a registered medical marijuana patient with multiple sclerosis. She uses medical marijuana to get rid of back spasms. Prescription drugs don’t work on the pain, according to her husband Robert.  Korobkin said the Lotts are ready for a long legal battle. “They understand that this is a long-term struggle and long-term process. They’re in it for finding relief for Linda’s pain.”  Read the full story here.

Are your activities as a Patient or Caregiver legal in the city you live in?  Contact Ambrose Law Group at (248) 624-5500 to find out.
For more information on Michigan’s medical marijuana laws visit www.marijuanalawyermichigan.com

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