Tinting Your Vehicle Windows In Michigan

In Michigan, under MCL 257.709, window tinting may be limited to rear side windows, the rear window if the vehicle has outside mirrors on both sides, and the top 4 inches of the front side window. In Michigan there is no specificity for the darkness of the windows, however, applications with a solar reflectivity greater than 35% is prohibited.


There is an exception for medical necessity in which MCL 257.709(3)(e) allows for front side window tinting if you have a letter signed by a physician or optometrist indicating that the tinting is necessary for medical purposes. However, the window treatment can not interferes with or obstruct the driver’s clear vision. Also, if you have tinted windows under this exception, no one other then you (the person in which the letter was given to) is allowed to drive that vehicle.


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  1. 35% is pretty light but also very safe at night. For a complete list of the State laws, you can go to: http://gwpct.jwlgw.servertrust.com/v/vspfiles/downloadables/tint_chart_law3.pdf
    Tinting, the darker the better but, NOT AT NIGHT.

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