Casey Anthony Acquitted

Casey Marie Anthony has been found NOT GUILTY.

A Florida jury has found Casey Anthony not guilty in first-degree murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee.

They jury did find Anthony guilty of several counts of providing false information to law enforcement.



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3 responses to “Casey Anthony Acquitted

  1. 1104thiern

    The justice system has prevailed!!! I strongly believed that the State of Florida did not prove murder and the verdicts came backNOT GUILTY!! YES!!

  2. John

    This was the correct verdict. A not guilty verdict is very very uncommon as prosecutors withhold evidence of innocence and judges are nothing more than arms of the prosecutors allowing the State to introduce junk science while limiting defendants right to present a defense. This case was no different with the judge allowing hair analysis evidence that has been rejected by most states and even the FBI has admitted is unreliable. When the state says they don’t know how the victim died, where she died or how she died; is a defendant simply saying it could have been an accident a very basis defense. “You can’t say how she died, correct?” “no i can’t” “and therefore, it could have been an accidental death?” “Yes” “no more questions”

  3. John

    One last point; Is it that crazy a thought that perhaps it was an accidental death and this immature and stupid young mother did panic. the days wore on and the lies grew and grew. but is the possibility of a child dying accidentally so crazy?

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