Are you on the Casey Anthony Verdict Watch?

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Update: Casey Anthony was found NOT Guilty on first three counts of the indictment.  Not guilty on First degree murder, aggravated manslaughter and aggravated child abuse. Sentencing will be Thursday morning



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2 responses to “Are you on the Casey Anthony Verdict Watch?

  1. I do realize that how I feel about this case is against most opinions…but, I feel that the prosecution has not proven their case beyond a reasonable doubt. Even in their closing statements they used words like, “might be” or “could have” their expert witness’ used these words as well…this is speculation, conjecture and a theory that they have been representing as facts. When ever these words are used -these are not facts. I do believe that she is guilty of lying to police officers, but there is just as much “evidence”
    (if not more) of a theory showing that it all could have been an accident…at the end we just do not know…how can that be proven murder..

  2. Hello Moms,
    I work at a Talk Show in NYC and on Friday, July 15th, we will be discussing the Casey Anthony Trial. We are looking for moms to sit in the audience to voice their strong opinions. Tickets are free and this is the perfect opportunity to voice your opinion.
    If you are interested in sitting in the audience for this topic this Friday, July 15th, call me directly at 646-651-1940 ext: 2104. My name is Melissa Posy.
    If you can gather a group of 40 or more in the tristate area, we can charter a bus to bring moms to the studio and back.
    We hope to hear from all of you!
    Melissa Posy
    646-651-1940 ext: 2104

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