Lansing Passes New Dispensary Ordinance

Lansing’s new ordinance regulating medical marijuana businesses will expand the commercial zones in which they are allowed and offer one year for current operations to relocate.  The decision, reached late Monday night, also will place a cap on the number to be allowed within city limits. That figure will be determined by a council resolution at a later time.Council members debated the policy for hours Monday as they tried to reconcile their own suggestions with a draft version from the council’s public safety committee. A draft ordinance moved out of the council’s public safety committee earlier in the evening called for limiting dispensaries to industrial and some commercial zones, but some council members wanted to add more zones to prevent clustering in one area.

Efforts to add more commercial and business districts failed by 4-4 split votes.  The committee agreed to a one-year grandfathering clause for the 48 businesses in operation before a moratorium took effect in December, as well as the cap.

Read the full story here.

If you have been charged with a crime related to medical marijuana contact Daniel Ambrose 248-808-3130 or  at



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