New Michigan Jury Rules Starting September 1

The Michigan Supreme Court has announced new jury rules that will take begin this September. Jurors will be allowed to pose questions to witnesses, take notes, get mid-trial commentaries from lawyers and in civil cases discuss the evidence during the trial.

Some highlight of the new law include:

Jurors can, with judge’s OK, submit questions in civil and criminal trials.

•Jurors can, with judge’s OK, take notes during the case and use them in deliberations.

•Jurors in civil cases can, with the judge’s OK, discuss the evidence among themselves when all are present in the jury room before the conclusion of the case.

•Jurors will be given pretrial instructions covering their duties, trial procedures and the applicable law.

•At the judge’s discretion, attorneys may give interim commentary as well as their opening statement and final argument.

•Judge must give juries a written copy of the final instructions and must invite jurors to ask questions to clarify the instructions.

•If there is a deadlock or impasse, a judge “may invite” jurors to list the outstanding issues if the judge can help “in clarifying or amplifying the final instructions.”

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