Pit Bull Ban In Michigan Shelved

A legislative attempt to eventually ban pit bull ownership in Michigan has been leashed.

State Rep. Tim Bledsoe, D-Grosse Pointe, introduced the legislation to make it illegal to own a pit bull after a 10-year phaseout.

But the chairman of the Regulatory Reform Committee in the state House, Rep. Hugh Crawford, R-Novi, said he’s not planning to move on the bill, effectively shelving it.

“I don’t think it’s a dog problem, I think it’s a people problem,” Crawford said. “And I don’t think the state needs to be in the business of being canine police.”

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As a dog lover, I’m happy this bill is being set aside.  I have met some wonderful Pit Bulls and they can be wonderful and sweet dogs.  I’m happy the state is realizing that creating a statewide ban of the breed would not solve any problems.

How do you feel about this issue? Should the state be allowed to tell you what kind of dog you’re allowed to own?

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4 responses to “Pit Bull Ban In Michigan Shelved

  1. Jill Duffy

    I’m happy to hear that it was shelved! There are not stupid dogs, only stupid people. The people who encourage vicious and disruptive behaviors in dogs will continue to do so, whether they are allowed to have a pit or not.

  2. jessica

    i Have a beautiful pitbull and i rescued her she was used to fight and breed and now she is the best friend anyone can ask for. its not the pitbulls its the caretakers.

  3. trevor

    I want this idiot to bring his family to my yard to play or plant flowers and tell me pitbulls are a good dog. It wouldn’t happen and to stop a law that could protect people from their neighbors dogs is stupid yes I’m calling the guy stupid. The police can’t do anything until the dogs bite someone so its best to stay in your house all day every day and let their dogs destroy your property. Way to go a hole!!

    • kevin

      I have owned several pit bulls, that I have rescued from shelters and such. They are great with my FAMILY, FRIENDS, and other DOGS that we may pass as we go for our daily walks. One of American Military’s most honored breeds is the PIT BULL. I’ve seen more golden retriever bites than pit bulls.The hypocondriacs of the world will always try to kill what they don’t understand…

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