Italy Revokes Snooki’s Driver’s License: Do You Know Michigan’s Driver’s License Restoration Laws?

The 23-year-old, who’s currently filming MTV’s “Jersey Shore” in the country along with the rest of the reality show cast, was attempting to drive around Florence in a Fiat Multipla with “Shore” star Deena Cortese when she got into a minor car accident with a police vehicle. The cruiser, funnily enough, was an escort appointed for the cast’s security, according to People.

Since she played bumper cars with police, Italian authorities have revoked her license, and according to Us Weekly, she could face a civil suit.

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While many here in the States aren’t overly concerned about the guidette’s lost license, license revocation is a serious matter that has a huge impact on people’s lives.

In Michigan you may face a license suspension or a license revocation.  If  your license has been suspended it means that there is a set period of time during which you are not allowed to drive. At the end of the suspension period, you will simply need to pay the reinstatement fee and any applicable driver responsibility fees in order to get your license back.

A revocation is a more serious matter and at the end of your revocation period you must APPLY to get your license back.  This involves a hearing where you must prove why you deserve to get your driver’s license back.

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