Our Voice: What happened to Megan Roberts

Update: August 4, 2011 Robert Kelly’s attorney claims mental illness was the reason for beating. Read more here

Update: Robert Brian Kelly was charged with first degree murder today, July 29 2011,  in 52-3 district court. Read more here

Update: Megan Roberts, 20, died Wednesday morning, July 27, according to her family. She had been in a coma since May 9, when her father, Robert Brian Kelly, is accused of entering her bedroom and beating her in the face and head. Read an article from The Oakland Press here

When you go to bed at night, you expect to have a peaceful night sleep. For the most part, a night with no interruptions and no visitors. On May 9th, that was not the case for 20 year old Oxford Resident, Megan Roberts who was sleeping when her father, Robert Kelly, came in and beat her with an aluminum bat. According to the police, the beating was so horrific that her face was unrecognizable.

To most friends and family, they had a perfect relationship and most said that they would never expect anything like this to happen. However, neighbors stated that they would frequently hear the two argue and that an argument happened the night before the alleged beating.

While getting arraigned in court last Wednesday, her father showed absolutely no remorse for what he had done. Actually, after he beat her he walked into the police station, turned himself in and told them where to find her body. At almost the same time her mother was calling the police for help, after finding her daughter beaten and bloody. Kelly is refusing to talk to any investigators by using his Fifth Amendment rights to remain silent; However, according to his attorney, Kelly allegedly stated that he had blacked out at the time and has no recollection of the alleged beating stating that when he came to, he saw what he had done and immediately went to the police station to turn himself in. His attorney is pressing for him to be examined by a forensic counselor and to be using an insanity plea because he is very suspicious of mental health issues. He is currently being held on a $2,000,000 bond without an option to post 10%, and is being charged with Felony Assault with intent to murder.

As of recent, Megan is in the hospital in a medically induced coma and on life support. Her condition is noted as critical, but stable.

I do not know Megan personally, but many of my friends do. It is so sad to see things like this happen, especially to someone who was so small and unable to defend herself. When she went to sleep that night she intended to wake up the next day, go to work or school or whatever she had planned but instead ended up in the hospital in a coma. Your father is suppose to be the one man a girl can trust, to help her, protect her. But in this case, he was the one who hurt her the most and could have possibly ended her life. He took her at her weakest and most vulnerable moment and beat her beyond recognition. She didn’t even have a chance to fight back because she was sleeping. I pray that Megan continues to get better and defies all odds to prove to her father and the world that she is stronger then what he gave her credit for.

Update: You can leave your thoughts and prayers on her facebook page 


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5 responses to “Our Voice: What happened to Megan Roberts

  1. LDG

    According to one of my friends on FB Megan passed away this morning. What a horrible chain of events. This man should have the same thing done to him.

  2. LLA

    For those of you who have been asking Megan is still fighting! She needs TONS of prayers. So please keep them coming. ♥ megs you Better keep fighting because we are still praying ♥
    This was written 52 minutes ago by one of Megan’s family members on facebook (Prayers for Megan) I do not what you heard but Megan is still alive and fighting.

  3. Mary

    Prayers For Megan updated today to let us all know that it is not a matter of if, but when Megan passes. There is not much hope she will be able to go on according to her family. So very sad. She lived right behind me and I can’t look out my window without thinking about that horrible morning. God has a big plan for her. She will be a beautiful angel ❤

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