Cross-Exam: Chapter 32

How to Master the Techniques Without Trial Experience

1.      Cross-examine inanimate objects to master the 3 Rules of cross-exam.

a.      Leading questions only

b.      One fact at a time

c.       Leading toward a definable goal


2.      Cross-exam in the office.

a.      Another person takes on the voice of the inanimate object.

b.      This person plays devil’s advocate and looks for an opportunity to say “no”.


3.      Cross-examine Expert and Professional witnesses because they bring to the witness stand the experience and knowledge of how not to answer difficult questions.


4.      Train as a witness.

 The exercise of “Cluster Cross”

1.      A participant asks one question, then a rotation begins where the other participants ask one question.

2.      A straight-forward factual situation is recommended so there can be clearly established goals.  Everyone must agree on the goal before the exercise begins in order to know if the goal is being established by the line of questioning.

3.      The instructor (if there is one) and all participants may object.  If the objection is sustained, the participant objected to is removed form the exercise and can come back into the exercise if she makes an objection that is sustained.

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