Our Voice: WXYZ’s Skewed Report Of Oakland County’s Judge Chabot

Judge Chabot is one of the most efficient judges on any bench. She is courteous to everyone who appears in front of her, both lawyers and litigants. Her docket runs efficiently. She seperates her criminal call between defendants who are on bond and those in jail. This is very helpful because in most courtrooms it takes 3 hours to do a 2 minute hearing. When the  deputies bring in the jailers it wastes an entire morning/afternoon. I have never had to wait more than 30 minutes in Judge Chabot’s. Perhaps she does fewer trials because she is better at helping lawyers reach common ground and resolution, which is more efficient for  the system in total. Judge Chabot is one of the most popular judges in Oakland County. Every attorney I know was very disappointed in Channel 7’s skewed report. You notice how there was no pictures of crowded court rooms and people waiting for the judge in the news story. Does anyone really care what schedule a judge works when they are getting there job done? It’s like they are punishing her for efficiency. Rae Lee Chabot is considerate, compassionate, and decisive. These are the qualities we all should want in a judge.

View Channel 7’s report here 



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