Botox Mom Case A Hoax But CPS still involved

The California woman who said she injected her 8-year-old daughter with botox is once again making headlines, saying the entire story was fabricated.

A week after California Child Protective Services reportedly took the girl out of her home, Sheena Upton told TMZ that she made up the story in return for compensation. Her daughter has been returned to her under supervised custody, according to the Associated Press.

ABC News has learned that child protective services is still actively investigating the case.

Read the full story here

Bloggers, newscasters and psychologist’s have been debated whether CPS should stay involved now that the mother has revealed the whole story was a lie. Most seem to agree that whether the Botox allegations were true or not the home situation for the girl might not be safe for now. The mother coaxed the daughter into going along with the fraudulent story and had her pose for fake injection photos. 

Do you think the mother should lose custody of her daughter?

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One response to “Botox Mom Case A Hoax But CPS still involved

  1. I think that the doctor that performed the injections should be under just as much scrutiny as the mother, if not more so. Of course the actions of the mother were wrong but what about the doctor?

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