Feds Send Hazy Warning About Medical Use of Marijuana

Any use of marijuana is prohibited under federal law. In 2008, Michigan voted to legalize medical marijuana, joining more than a dozen other states. In 2009, the Obama administration said it would not seek to arrest and prosecute users and suppliers who were operating within state law.  But U.S. attorneys have said in their recent memos that they would consider civil or criminal penalties for those who run large-scale operations, even if they are acceptable under state law.

Following these apparent inconsistencies by the federal government in recent months, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is asking the Obama administration to clarify its policy on medical marijuana. In a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, the ACLU sought assurance that the government would keep its promise not to arrest and prosecute those who are complying with the law in states where medical marijuana is legal.

The Feds are not the only ones sending an unclear message about who is protected for the medical use of marijuana.  In Michigan’s ongoing medical marijuana debate, many people in law enforcement — who complain the Act doesn’t provide them with specifics — say Lansing legislators should provide badly needed clarifications.  Through all of the debate and ambiguity relating to the legal medical use of marijuana, Michigan voters still support the State’s medical marijuana law by nearly the same margin by which it was adopted in the 2008 election.
Are you legal under Michigan’s medical marijuana law? 
To find out if you are protected from arrest and prosecution for your “medical use” of marijuana, contact Samantha Moffett at (248) 624-5500

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