Ann Arbor Finally Passes Marijuana Ordinance

After months of deliberation, the Ann Arbor City Council voted unanimously last night in favor of an ordinance that calls for increased regulation of the cultivation and distribution of medical marijuana in the city.  The vote on the ordinance was originally scheduled for April 19 but was delayed so that council members could reflect on new information provided at the meeting involving two proposed amendments dealing with zoning and licensing of the facilities as well as requiring sellers to compile and provide access to client lists.

Following the vote, council members discussed further amendments to the ordinance including clarifying the licensing limits for dispensaries and cultivation facilities since the ordinance currently states that the number of facilities in the city will be limited  During the public hearing portion of the meeting, concerns were expressed that the ordinance would cause an unnecessary violation of confidentiality between caretakers and their patients since it requires sellers to allow officials access to their client list.

For more information on the City of Ann Arbor:

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