Facebook Search Warrants Becoming Popular With Law Enforcement

It’s incredible when you stop and really think about the ways facebook has evolved over the years.  When I first opened my account in college it was used strictly for making plans with close friends and sharing pictures from weekend events.  Slowly my friend list grew bigger, I added people from highschool and classes but when my parents got facebook last year I was boggled.   I honestly believed it would be a cold day in hell before my mom ever signed up for an account, now she uses the site more than I do.  I’ve added aunts, uncles, cousins, strangers i’ve met at the grocery story and the things we post are limitless. So I guess its not really a surprise that local police are now obtaining search warrants that give them access to suspected criminals’ facebook profile pages. The warrants give authorities access to pictures, email addresses, friend lists and GPS locations.

This new trend in law enforcement is raising privacy questions as information from the website is being used in more and more indictements.  And don’t think this issue isn’t hitting close to home, since May 2009 at least three search warrants for facebook accounts have been issued by a federal Detroit Judge.

For more info read the detroit free press article here 

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