Code Enforcement Department Will Handle Medical Marijuana Rules In Waterford

Enforcement of Waterford Township’s new land-use rules regarding medical marijuana will now be under the code enforcement department.

The new regulations were approved at a board meeting on March 28.

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One response to “Code Enforcement Department Will Handle Medical Marijuana Rules In Waterford

  1. Patient/Caregiver

    This regulation is COMPLETELY ridiculous. As a patient and a caregiver this makes me question if the people on the board really consider what impact this might have on the community.

    Patients assign caregivers that don’t reside in their home generally because of the fact that they can’t, lack the knowledge or income to support growing medicinal quality marijuana. Knowing this, the law permitted patients to assign whomever they wanted as their caregiver as long they met the required criteria.

    Why change the zoning laws to conflict with what 63% of registered VOTERS(no one with felony, etc.) voted for back in 2008? THIS IS CRIMINAL

    These ridiculous regulations will likely cause many legitimate caregivers to take residence outside of the city, I know I am definitely considering it.

    It is extremely sad Oakland County, various other municipalities and township boards can’t get their act together and learn that their job is to ENFORCE the law, NOT create it. Leave the legitimate patients/caregivers alone and go get the drug dealers selling crack and various other poisons to our kids, drunk drivers, and people who are breaking the law.

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