Pot Leaf Painted On House Protected By Freedom of Speech

In October 2003, the United States Supreme Court let stand a ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals permitting physicians to recommend marijuana to patients whom they believe might medically benefit from its use because not doing so would interfere with the physician’s freedom of speech.
Freedom of speech extends to statements we make through images as well.  In 2006, after being arrested and charged with growing marijuana in his Winsted, CT, home, Christopher Seekins decided to make a political statement by spray-painting giant pot leaves on the outside of his home. Neighbors complained, but town officials showed they understood the First Amendment. They told the complainers the marijuana leaf image violated neither the law nor local property codes.
By the way, Seekins lives on High Street. For the full  story: http://stopthedrugwar.org/chronicle-old/428/paintjob.shtml

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