Mom Uses Facebook To Raise Money For Non-Existent Baby

This is another one of the crazy stories where someone used facebook to swindle the community.  Social Networking sites can be used for so many amazing ways, its a shame when someone does something like this.

DETROIT (WXYZ) – Facebook is a great way to connect with your friends online. But one local woman is accused of using the website to promote a fundraiser for her sick baby – a baby many now believe never existed.

Her name is Monique Bartlett. But on Facebook she went by “Proudtobeamom.” Friends say when they learned about Bartlett’s sick baby, they were eager to help.

She claimed the infant had severe lung problems, needing surgeries and around-the-clock care. But her friends say when they realized none of them had ever seen the child – and so many of her claims didn’t add up – they questioned Bartlett. That’s when they say she lashed out at them – and used a lot of public resources trying to cover her tracks.

Action News Investigator Heather Catallo tracked down Bartlett and uncovered a history of bizarre behavior. The deeper Catallo dug, the stranger Bartlett’s story became.

Tuesday night on Action News at 11, Catallo will tell you what Bartlett said when confronted about the mysterious baby and how the cops and courts got entangled in this strange tale.

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