All You Need To Know About Social Security: Introduction

Over 70% of social security disability claims filed in Michigan are initially denied.  This is a very disheartening statistic. Often times people with disabilities are in the greatest need for financial assistance.  This assistance can make the difference between having food on the table or going hungry.  Not receiving the assistance a disabled person is entitled to can even hinder him from getting the needed medications to treat their condition.  Not getting the help needed becomes a vicious cycle.  People who are experiencing a disability have enough to worry about.  Disabilities can cause both emotional and physical problems that are overwhelming.

The good news is that help is available.  People with disabilities do not need to suffer alone.  Obtaining a trained professional to file your disability claim allows you to focus on something way more important than paperwork and red tape; your well-being.  Even if a disabled person made the mistake of not getting help at the beginning stages there is still hope.  If a claim is denied  an appeal can be filed.  Statistics show that applicants who have representation at the hearing before an administrative law judge are more likely to approved for benefits than those who try to help themselves.

Bottom line, get help early you do not need to fight the system alone.


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  1. jose

    Good post! It is about time someone discusses the problems surrounding social security with respect to the disabled. More information is needed to help the millions of people that are impacted by this each year.

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