Michigan House Bill #4493

Turning 16 and getting a driver’s license is probably one of the most exciting times of an adolescent’s life, especially if they are one of the first of friends.  Teens can’t wait to drive everywhere, take roads trips, or even just drive to school.

Just weeks before Granholm left office she put into effect a new law that limits that freedom that young drivers are so excited to get. The House Bill #4493 was introduced in 2009 and now restricts nighttime drivers and the number of passengers that are allowed to be with in the car while a teen has a learner’s driver license.

You are now only allowed to have one passenger under 21 at a time in the car, unless the passengers are family members or you are driving to or from a school related function. The laws also states you are no longer allowed to drive between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. unless accompanied by a guardian or a guardian-designated driver that is over the age of 21.

I’m sure most teenagers will find these laws extremely unfair and not necessary but the facts don’t lie. Here is some information about young drivers:

  • Nationally, two out of every 5 deaths among U.S. teens age 16-19 are the result of a motor vehicle crash. In fact, four of every five accidental deaths for young people ages 15-24 were due to motor vehicle crashes.
  • As a new driver, you’re more likely to crash when you have other teens in your car with you. And for each teen passenger, your odds of a crash increase.
  • If you’re a female teenager who drinks and drives, you’re 54 times more likely to be killed in a car accident than if you’re sober. If you’re male, you’re 18 times more likely to have a fatal accident.


Even though this law may seem unfair it may end up saving a life. So maybe some of these restrictions are safe after all. With all the different things we now have to distract us from our driving, a little extra safety precautions may be just what we need!


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6 responses to “Michigan House Bill #4493

  1. travis

    Very irrelevent facts, this law doesnt limit drunk driving. From these facts it seems as if your position is that drunk driving should only be allowed for males. The other fact says yung people crash, NO SHIT. Why do cars have headlights???
    Heres a fact of my own, 16 year olds are LESS likely to be in a fatal crash than 17. I think that 17 year old should not be able to drive and 18 year olds max speeds should be 20. Anouther fact, way more fatal crashes happen at speeds over 55.

  2. travis

    What do you think about that, Kristen?

    • Kristen


      Here is the actual text from the bill from michigan’s legislator website:

      And i’m sorry that you gathered that my view was that drunk driving should only be applied to males, becuase that is not my stance at all. I was simply providing statstics on how likely male and female minors are to be in a fatal car crash due to drinking. I provided statistics for both genders, and in fact, according to the statistics, it is much more dangerous for a minor female to be drivinig drunk then a male. My view is that no minor at all should be abusing alcohol and driving drunk. I was simply providing statistics in the hopes that minors may read this and see the huge possibility of what their actions may cause. I am sorry that you were misinformed about my post.

  3. Kara

    Does this apply to 16 year olds who already have their liscence as well as the 16 year olds who are getting their liscence after March 30th?

  4. Krystal

    Does this apply to 17 year olds who have already gotten their license and is almost 18 in June?

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