The Michigan “Lemon Law”

Most people have heard of the “lemon law”.  This law applies to cars that are constantly breaking, sometimes for no apparent reason and sometimes fresh from the dealership. In Michigan you are protected from this. Michigan has a lemon law that is 20 years old and protects you from being stuck, as a consumer with a defective or ‘lemon’ whether you have purchased or leased it.

In Michigan, a ‘defective’ vehicle is one that has been out of service for more than 30 days for repair, or that has been repeatedly in the shop for the same repair and was unsuccessfully four or more times. It also doesn’t have to be a mechanical issue, under Michigan law something as simple as a paint problem can be claimed under this law. In order for the lemon law to apply though, you must report your defect within the first year. It also doesn’t matter if you aren’t the first owner as long as it is under warranty!

It is very important to document EVERYTHING that has gone wrong and what you have fixed. Also, make sure to report the problem, in writing not to the dealer or wherever you purchased the vehicle, but to the manufacturer. If you are successful and it is determined that you really do have a ‘lemon’ you could be entitled to a refund or a new vehicle. But it is important to document every call, paper, repair or anything that has occurred with your vehicle to insure your best case in court!

If you have questions about the vehicle you purchased contact Ambrose Law Group at (248) 624-5500


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