Legal News This Week

There’s lots going on in the legal world this week, here’s the links to some local stories in the papers this week:

Teen Cop Killer Sentenced to Life In Prison

Father of Missing Boys Coming Home to Michigan

In Ambrose news, Dan and Aida started and finished Voire Dire today in Reginald Burks’ case.  The judge dismissed them from the court room a few hours early and the firm will continue with trial prep tonight.  Reginald’s family is of course always in our thoughts! The trial will resume tomorrow on the 7th floor of the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice.  Bill will also be taking his Ambien case to trial on Thursday.  Thank you for everyone who has shown their support and interest in these cases, we’re planning on 2 great victories!
If you have any questions about a criminal, family or bankruptcy law give us a call at 248-624-5500

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