Samantha’s Open Letter to Michigan’s Department of Labor and Economic Growth

Dear DLEG,

You work for the State of Michigan, more specifically the public. You have been tripping up law-abiding residents in imaginary “red-tape” when applying to become a business structure. One excuse that has repeatedly come out of a DLEG supervisor’s mouth is “Federal law”. How much of your paycheck comes from the Federal government? I am guessing…ZERO. When did your department’s employees become Federal agents? I am guessing…NEVER. I am assuming your paycheck comes from the State of Michigan. That being said, I would appreciate it if you stopped using Federal law as an excuse to not process documents that are properly submitted, even if they relate to medical marijuana. The voters of Michigan spoke very clearly as the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act passed in November 2008 by over 60% of the vote. In fact, you can find the law right on the same government website your information is on. Since you have clearly had a hard time finding it, here is the link:,1607,7-132-27417_51869_52138—,00.html.

Please, do your job. Process the documents that the people of Michigan send to you, cash their checks, and allow them to do what they have a right to do – start a business. I can confidently say that no one cares about your opinion on medical marijuana and related businesses. There are proper means to communicate your personal opinion on political and legal matters; and, I am thinking, it is not while you are at work for the public. Try voting or writing your State elected official, and maybe even join a club. I will make it a priority to do what is needed so that the Department of Labor and Economic Growth is barred from using “discretion” where there is none to be taken. The Department of Labor and Economic Growth is not to legislate nor is it to interpret the laws and then enforce them the way the Department’s employees personally see fit. Specifically, do what your website says you do: “The Corporation Division promotes economic development and growth by facilitating the formation of business entities in Michigan. The Division provides services that enable corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and limited liability partnerships to be formed, and for foreign entities to obtain a certificate of authority to transact business.”

Thank you.

Samantha Moffett
Business Consultant
Resident of Michigan
Registered Voter
Proponent of Exercising Rights



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4 responses to “Samantha’s Open Letter to Michigan’s Department of Labor and Economic Growth

  1. sam

    Do you think medical marijuana businesses are legal? I think they are, and, more importantly, they are a necessary resource for some Patients who need safe access to medicine and don’t know where to get it and who to get it from because the State doesn’t provide a list of names or resources.

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