Pulled over for driving the speed limit?

With the snow and sleet coming, everyone is dreading the horrible Michigan roads. Everyone screams at those who are going too slowly, and also at those who are going too fast. Obviously going above the speed limit can be dangerous depending on the road conditions, however, depending on how bad the road is, it can be negligent to go the actual speed limit and it is possible to get ticketed depending on your jurisdiction. As a driver you have a duty to those who are on the road with you and that means adjusting to the road conditions that you are in. So if the roads are bad, you are suppose to slow down. If it’s nice and sunny, the speed limit is fine. It is all a judgment call on the road conditions. So whether it’s snowing, raining, or sunny, pay attention to those around you and drive safe!




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Filed under Kristen Guralczyk, Traffic Citations/Laws

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