Resident Sues City For Medical Marijuana Ban in MI

A resident of the Michigan city of Wyoming has filed suit over the municipality’s intent to ban medicinal cannabis within city limits.

John Ter Beek, a retired attorney and former board of education member, said he is licensed to treat pain from his bad back and diabetes with cannabis. He filed suit this week in Kent County Circuit Court.

Ignoring the advice of their own attorney, council members voted unanimously to ban medical marijuana on the grounds it is against federal law. A second reading of the ordinance next month will be required before the ban takes effect.

In the suit, dated Monday, Ter Beek said this month’s City Council decision tramples the rights of Michigan voters who overwhelmingly (63 percent yes) approved medical marijuana at the polls in 2008. The suit also says the decision violates the second article of the state constitution, which guarantees citizens’ right to pass an initiative that amends state law.

Mayor Jack Poll, who thinks he knows better than the voters, claimed the ban shields residents from “possible hazards” of a “poorly written” state law.  “If nothing else, time will be on our side,” the mayor said. “If (the ban) defers (medical marijuana) from the city of Wyoming for any amount of time, then I feel it’s an accomplishment.”  “I’m out to protect our citizens as long as I can,” said the paternalistically condescending mayor.


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