Cross-Exam: Chapter 3

There is a science to preparation.

Preparation, above all other things, makes better trial lawyers.

  • Makes a lawyer steady in the court room
  • It leads to a sense of control

The starting point of science of cross-exam is the development of the first draft of the case theory.

Before looking for new facts, evaluate facts already existing.

Preparation system must be simple and efficient.

  • Reduce discovery into groupings of facts that can  be quickly and easily used.

Systematic organization of facts permits lawyer to recognize inconsistencies.

  • Inconsistencies are useful in attacking credibility of a witness, but not for constructing factual pictures that teach the fact finder.

Cross-exam consists of chapters that undermined opponent’s case and chapters that support the cross-examiner’s theory of the case.

Categorize discovery in terms of topics as discussed by each witness.

There is a necessity of absolute accuracy and thoroughness.

Preparation creates power, a sense of calm, and control.

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