Medical Marijuana And Children With Autism

Parents, at their wit’s end, and faced with the very real prospect of needing to institutionalize their son, decided to try something unconventional…and controversial. They began treating their 10-year-old son, who suffers from Autism, with medical marijuana.  The parents got a recommendation from a medical cannabis doctor. They told their son’s pediatrician about their plan and began to grow the medicine in their back yard. From the marijuana flowers they grew, they made a concentrated ball of hash, roughly ¾ inch in diameter, representing roughly four months of doses for the 10-year-old boy.
For this California family, medical marijuana has literally been an answer to their prayers and a homecoming for their son.  For the full story,0,6959760.story
Under Michigan’s Medical Marihuana Act, minors CAN be “Patients”.  The law is so strongly supported with data that shows the medical benefits of marijuana that it would be against public policy to deny minors the right to benefit from its medicinal uses.  The Act does require extra safeguards for minors who want to use marijuana.

For more information about minors legally using marijuana for medicinal purposes please go to:

If you have questions about medical marijuana contact Samantha Moffett at (248) 624-5500


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  1. autism medical marijuana

    Medical marijuana certainly wouldn’t damage an autistic person like we see from HALDOL on the you tube. See the video “Autistic Adult in Crisis Goes Unnoticed” This is a perfect example of how all these idiots who oppose medical marijuana can eat shit as they see this poor autistic adult suffering from a dangerous side effect of an “approved” pharmacological intervention often used to treat severe behaviors in autistic population.

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