Marijuana Election Results 2010

The results of the 2010 Elections are in and there is good and bad news to report.

The highest profile election, California’s Prop 19, has been defeated with a vote of 45.6% – 54.4% (with 69% of precincts reporting).  This represents the highest level of support ever recorded for legalization of marijuana in a statewide ballot.  In 2004 in Alaska and 2006 in Nevada, legalization gained 44% of the vote.

An attempt to create a regulated dispensary system for medical marijuana with Oregon’s Measure 74 has been defeated 42% -58% (with 82% of precincts reporting).  In 2004 activists tried to create medical marijuana dispensaries with Measure 33, which failed by a similar 43% – 57% margin.

The ballot measure to create a medical marijuana program with South Dakota Initiated Measure 13 had the worst outcome of all marijuana measures, with 37% – 63%.  This marks the second time medical marijuana has failed in South Dakota, the only state that has failed to pass such a program.  In 2006, the medical marijuana issue failed 48% – 52%, marking an 11% point decline in support.

As of post time, there remains two races too close to call.  The Arizona Proposition 203 to create a medical marijuana program is in a dead heat, 50.25% – 49.75% (with 99% of precincts reporting).  The no votes are 6,751 votes ahead out of 1.3 million votes.  The race for California Attorney General has medical marijuana enemy Los Angeles DA Steve Cooley (R) leading San Francisco DA Kamala Harris (D) by 46.6% – 45.0%.  The combination of the Prop 19 loss and Cooley as Attorney General was the nightmare scenario many California activists had been fearing.

Why do you think none of the initiatives passed?

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