Marijuana Convention at Silverdome CANCELLED

The marijuana convention that had been planned for October 29-31 at the Pontiac Silverdome has been canceled. The promoter Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Medical Marijuana Inc., said that the event was a trade show focusing on natural and healthy products, as well as green technologies. The convention was to include entertainers, exhibits, vendors, guest speakers, “friendly vaporization tents” and edibles for qualifying patients with current medical marijuana cards.

Elected officials and police cast the show as a “pot party,” and pointed to advertising materials they claimed “upset” them because the materials described the event in much the same way. Local officials claimed the event would tarnish the reputation of Pontiac, Oakland County, and Michigan.

Promoters said the event (AKA – International Holistic Health Cannabis Convention Halloween Harmony & Harvest Festival) had been moved. It is now being planned for July and October 2011 at the Cobo Center in Detroit.

Pontiac Silverdome Building General Manager Grant Reeves declined to say if the convention promoter had given a specific reason for moving or canceling the festival, and said that any information about the move would have to come from the promoter.

“Anyone with brains” wouldn’t have printed and used promotional materials that described the event as the world’s biggest pot party, according to Pontiac Mayor Leon Jukowski. “I’m glad to see it was canceled,” Jukowski said. “It is not the kind of event that I would like Pontiac associated with and I’m sure the county feels the same way.”

How do you feel about the City of Pontiac choosing this issue to try to clean up the City’s reputation?

If you have questions about medical marijuana and how it may affect your community contact Samantha Moffett at (248) 624-5500



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