Medical Marijuana And What Your Doctor Can and Cannot Do For You

Doctors CAN:
  • Discuss, fully and candidly, the risks and benefits of medical marijuana with patients.
  • Recommend (or Approve, Endorse, Suggest, or Advise, etc.), in accordance with their medical judgment, marijuana for patient use.
  • Record in their patients’ charts discussions about and recommendations of medical marijuana.
  • Sign a government form or otherwise inform state or local officials that they have recommended medical marijuana for particular patients.
  • Testify in court or through written declaration about recommending medical marijuana for a certain patient.
  • Educate themselves about the medical benefits of marijuana, its various clinical applications, and different routes of ingestion.

Doctors CANNOT:

  • Prescribe medical marijuana.  This includes writing a recommendation on an Rx form.
  • Assist patients in obtaining marijuana.
  • Cultivate or possess marijuana for patient use.
  • Physically assist patients in using marijuana.
  • Recommend marijuana without a justifiable medical cause.



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4 responses to “Medical Marijuana And What Your Doctor Can and Cannot Do For You

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  4. in 1954, i was stationed at eniwetok, marshall islands, for operation Castle.Bravo shot was a thermonucler test. i receieved a overdose of ionizing radiation, that still effects my health today,…my liver is shot, and will not even take a asprin. i cannot take a pain pill for my pains. I have spinal stenosis also. i could list more reasons but i cannot understand why the AG mr schutte, cannot understand medicinal marijuana, is good for medical reasons, mr, schutte, believes on terminal illiness only. and these doctors that go over our records and determine if we qualify for a medical card….these doctors are state registered, and mr, schutte doesnt think they should be able to okay a medical card for us..i am asking the ambrose law group this question: Isnt mr schutte, breaking laws too by being biased, and predjucided against our 63 percent who voted this? What can we do? I am 77 years old and have never seen a elected offical this biased stay in office. signed Bob77

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