Parents in Maryland Can Rent Drug Dogs to Find Kids’ Stash

The Associated Press
Thursday, October 21, 2010; 11:41 AM

BALTIMORE — Forget urine tests, parents in Maryland can hire dogs to sniff out whether their kids are using drugs.

The nonprofit group Dogs Finding Drugs uses canines that can detect even trace amounts of narcotics within seconds.

Owner Anne Willis says parents are clamoring for the service. The rate is about $200 an hour. Dogs Finding Drugs also offers its services to companies and schools.

Similar groups have popped up across the country in recent years.

Dogs Finding Drugs will not confiscate anything, nor does the group notify police.

Elizabeth Robertson of the National Institute on Drug Abuse says parents should talk to their children about potential drug problems rather than hiring a drug-sniffing dog.

What do you think, good or bad idea?


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One response to “Parents in Maryland Can Rent Drug Dogs to Find Kids’ Stash

  1. Katherine

    I just saw your blog post from the AP about the drug-sniffing dogs for hire. I’m not a parent, but it seems a little extreme to me, and this service seems to cross a line. I understand there are troubled teens out there, but I have a hard time understanding how drug-sniffing dogs will help them in the long run. It seems this would only erode any semblance of trust and respect that was still left in their relationship with their parents. It makes it a little better that the group doesn’t notify police, but I don’t think it’s a good way to approach kids about drugs.

    I wanted to share a video with you from that I thought you might find interesting. It analyzes much of the recent coverage from multiple sources regarding the drug sniffing dog service and compiles it into one story: It raises the question of whether this service is an invasion of privacy or a smart way to monitor your children. I thought it would be very relevant for many of the people who visit your blog and hope you might consider embedding this video in your post.

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