How Medical Marijuana Became Legal In Michigan

In March of 2008, State election officials approved a measure for the November 2008 electoral ballot that sought to legalize the possession and use of cannabis for qualified patients. Sponsored by the Michigan Coalition for Compassionate Care, the Michigan Medical Marihuana Actamended state law to allow authorized patients to use cannabis therapeutically under a doctor’s supervision. Backers of the plan gathered over 300,000 signatures from Michigan voters to place the measure on the ballot. Michigan became the thirteenth state since 1996 to authorize the legal use of medical cannabis, and the ninth state to do so by voter initiative.

The Michigan State Legislature can only repeal and amend ballot initiatives by a 75% super majority vote of each house or as otherwise provided by the initiative.  Because the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act was put on the ballot and voted into law as a voter initiative, the likelihood of any amendments, clarifications, or changes to the unclear statute is not likely.

Currently, I am participating in a Legislation Action Committee to work with State Departments, law enforcement, and activists to try to generate ideas as to what can be done to clarify the law.  The result of this ambiguous law is confusion for the police, courts, caregivers and patients.  This confusion has led to criminal arrests, prosecution, destroyed equipment and confiscated medicine.  Everyone is suffering and something must be done.

What do you think would help clarify the law?

Should the police be able to arrest a Patient of a Caregiver for doing something that is not prohibited under the law just because it is not specifically permitted?



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