What To Expect At Your First Divorce Consultation: What Happens At The Meeting

During your initial consultation with a matrimonial attorney, expect the attorney to provide

you with an overview of what to anticipate relative to at least the following five issues:

(1) the divorce process,

(2) matters pertaining to any minor children of the marriage,

(3) division of your assets and liabilities,

(4) support (both child support and spousal support),

(5) the related attorneys’ fees and costs.

In order to be able to address these five primary issues for you and provide you with a potential gameplan, it be will necessary for the attorney to make a substantial inquiry into all sorts of matters.

Some of the questions will be name, rank, and serial number types of questions; other questions

will pertain to minor children; additional questions will be related to financial

matters; and other questions will be of a more personal nature in terms of any

precipitating events and “who did what to whom.”

Know that when answering these questions the attorney-client privilege is in effect,

meaning anything you tell to the attorney will not, and cannot, be repeated to

anyone without your permission. With that understanding, it is imperative that you

tell the attorney the truth and provide all of the related details.

The quality of the advice you receive will be directly proportional to the candor with

which you answer the attorney’s questions.

If you have any divorce questions please contact Ambrose Law Group at (248) 624-5500



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