Operation Verify

Thinking about sex offenders in your city, or neighborhood, or even next door to you is a very scary thought. Especially if you don’t know they are there. Once you are convicted of a sex related crime, you are required to register in the city the you reside in, however, many people every year choose not to follow this rule which is a graduated penalty which could result from 93 days to 4 years in jail. That is why between October 18 and October 29th, Michigan State Police will target these offenders to try and get their compliance. Since Operation Verify started in 2005, 2,200 sex offenders have been arrested.

For Misdemeanor offenses, offenders must verify their address once a year with local police, and for felony’s they must register quarterly. Also, they must report a change of address within ten days of moving, and failure to do so results in a four-year felony. The new crack down will happen after the next verification period in October to allow officials to have a proper list of those who are not complying.

Along with helping to properly punish sex offenders that are not properly registered, these sweeps also help to maintain a list of the Most Wanted Sex Offenders which is available at www.michigan.gov/absconders. By doing these sweeps 25 individuals have been located and arrested since August 2006.

Hopefully sweeps like this will help us to know where and when sex offenders are so that we can have the knowledge to keep us and our families safe and to punish those who try and put that freedom in jeopardy.

Visit http://www.familywatchdog.us/ to find out where sex offenders in your neighborhood  are.

How do you feel about this law?

If you have questions about a sex related crime please contact Dan Ambrose at Dan@ambroselawgroup.com or call (248) 624-5500


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