Medical Marijuana Discussion In Lansing Today

We’re in lansing today discussing Medical Marijuana legislation. Some topics being focused on include, what is a bonafide Doctor/Patient Relationship, Medical Marijuana related businesses, health confidentiality regulations, and patient to patient transfers.

One thing everyone can agree on is the law is unclear.  No matter what your thoughts on Medical Marijuana unclarity in the law hurts everyone involved.  Hopefully these legal issues can be resolved soon!



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2 responses to “Medical Marijuana Discussion In Lansing Today

  1. Adam

    The law IS unclear. But safe access isn’t an option. If you got a prescription for pain killers…and the doctor said to you “Hey, don’t go to CVS to get this. Go to a street corner.” you’d instantly object. How can they expect people to just wander around and somehow find their medicine when there’s no real place to get it? And any dispensaries that do exist are gouging their patients like they were drug dealers. The prohibition micro-economy is still in play and until we deal with that and the whole drugged driving issue, this isn’t going to improve. I think the price of cannabis needs to be capped like liquor so that people can’t be ripped off and I think they need to spend more time studying the effects of cannabis on driving before arbitrarily setting regulations about stoned driving. It’s NOT the same as alcohol and if we’re going the route of zero-tolerance, I think it’s important that we emphasize ALL prescription medication that causes similar symptoms and side-effects. Let’s start pulling over housewives that are all doped up on Percocet.

    I’m also unclear as to how it’s legal for a city to make a law that prevents patients in that area from obtaining medicine or growing their own. I don’t understand it at all.

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